Safety & Assistance systems

Integral safety concept.

We are driven by our vision of accident-free motoring. With our integral safety concept we are coming closer to achieving this goal - this is a holistic approach which can increase safety in every situation.

As the inventor of the car we feel that we have a special responsibility for road safety. That’s why we were the first automotive manufacturer to develop an integral safety concept that seamlessly links active and passive safety measures to provide comprehensive protection. The all encompassing approach is divided into four phases and provides safety solutions for any situation. It includes systems for safe driving which help prevent danger. Thanks to their ability to warn and assist the driver in plenty of time. Our systematically enhanced PRE-SAFE® system is activated in the event of danger and activates anticipatory

measures for occupant protection. If, despite all the preventive measures, a collision remains unavoidable, further technologies can provide protection to suit the circumstances. We’ve even thought about the time immediately after an accident and developed solutions to prevent a worsening of the situation and facilitate rapid assistance. A selection of these technologies for the “Safe driving”, “In the event of danger”, “In an accident” and “After an accident” phases is presented in the following pages.


This drowsiness detection system is particularly useful on long journeys and can warn the driver in advance if microsleep is imminent. At speeds of between 60 and 200 km/h, ATTENTION ASSIST can give the driver a visual and acoustic warning as soon as it detects signs of drowsiness or increasing inattention. Sensors analyse both driving style and steering wheel movements and can thus detect differences compared to a predetermined individual profile. Furthermore, the driver has the option of adjusting the system’s sensitivity to suit the current situation by selecting one of two modes.

Safe driving: Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus

Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus selects the optimum low-beam headlamp range. Main beam is controlled automatically with smooth transitions and adaptive beam control. In addition to this, part of the main beam cone is masked out if the system detects oncoming traffic or a vehicle in front: in this way, the roadside is illuminated with the main beam without dazzling other road users. Main beam can therefore also be used when there is oncoming traffic or a vehicle in front. Furthermore, Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus dims the main beam if there are any highly reflective road signs.

In the event of danger: PRE-SAFE® system.

As a precaution, the PRE-SAFE® system can activate protective measures designed to prepare the occupants for a subsequent accident. Measures include reversible tensioning of the driver and front passenger seat belts as well as automatic closing of the open windows and/or the optional sliding sunroof - depending on the driving situation and the vehicle equipment

In an accident: Restraint systems.

3-point seat belts, belt tensioners, belt force limiters and airbags are optimally

coordinated with each other at Mercedes-Benz, so as to keep injuries to a minimum wherever possible. Passengers in the E-Class Cabriolet can be protected by a total of nine airbags which are fitted as standard: airbags for the driver and front passenger, sidebags and windowbags (or headbags in the cabriolet) plus a kneebag for the driver.

Measures after an accident.

In order to reduce consequential damage and, where necessary, to support

the rescue of the occupants, Mercedes-Benz has developed further measures. These include the automatic engine cut-off or the activation of the hazard warning lamps and interior emergency lighting. The central locking also unlocks automatically, while a crash joint between the door and wing on each side makes it easier to open the doors after an accident. As you can see, at Mercedes-Benz

consideration has been given to safety in every situation.

    Mercedes-Benz has also published multilingual rescue guidelines (accessible worldwide on the internet) as a source of information for rescue services.

    Rescue guidelines for emergency services (Daimler website)

    Cabriolet Safety

    Driving the E-Class Cabriolet is an experience to be savoured. The feeling of complete limitlessness can only be enhanced by a sophisticated safety

    concept which gives you even more freedom by minimising risks as far as possible.

    The safety equipment has been adapted systematically to meet the requirements of a cabriolet. Together with the airbags and the NECK-PRO head restraints, which can reduce the risk of whiplash, they provide all-round protection for the driver and front passenger.

    Safety body

    Right from the outset the E-Class Cabriolet was designed with the safety of its occupants in mind. That’s why much of the body consists of high-strength and maximum-strength steel. The passenger compartment, in particular, has cabriolet-specific reinforcement in the floor and side area. At the same time the high torsional strength and the lightweight construction provide the ideal basis for outstanding driving dynamics.

    Roll-over protection

    The upper windscreen frame and the A-pillars are exceptionally robust. The A-pillars have been reinforced with tubing, offering effective occupant protection together with the roll-over bars in case of roll-over. The roll-over bars’ cassettes are fully integrated in the rear head restraints and fastened to the area behind the rear seat backrest in the bodyshell. They can be extended in fractions of a second as soon as the airbag control system’s crash sensors detect the risk of an accident.


    ADAPTIVE BRAKE draws on the integral control functions of the Electronic Stability Program ESP® and on the anti-lock braking system ABS, the acceleration skid control ASR and Brake Assist BAS. It also includes additional software components that allow Hill-Start Assist and a HOLD function. The HOLD function is activated when the driver briefly presses the brake a second time after the car comes to a stop. This ensures that the car is automatically kept at a stop without the driver having to constantly apply the brake. There’s no unintentional rolling backwards or forwards. Hill-Start Assist makes starting on hills much easier by preventing the car from rolling backwards when the driver’s foot moves from the brake to the accelerator pedal. There is also a “brake drying” function, which can remove the film of moisture tha accumulates on the brake discs in wet conditions and thus reduce the brake response time and the stopping distance. A “priming” function brings the brake pads into contact with the brake discs as soon as the driver rapidly moves their foot from the accelerator pedal, which also shortens the brake response time.

    Direct-Steer system

    The Direct-Steer system has a more direct ratio to substantially reduce the steering effort required in the case of large steering angles, for example when parking or when negotiating tight bends. On the other hand, straight-line stability at high speeds is particularly good. Through precise steering characteristics and good feedback the Direct-Steer system raises the vehicle agility and steering comfort in equal measure. Theelectromechanical power assistance is reduced as the car’s speed increases. On top of this, the Direct-Steer system helps to minimise fuel consumption.

    Assistance systems

    As in other walks of life, assistance is at hand. The surround view camera and Active Parking Assist enhance the feeling of comfort and safety

    in the new E-Class Cabriolet.

    Active Parking Assist, including PARKTRONIC

    It gets the car into and out of parking spaces automatically - all the driver has to do is press the accelerator and change gear. The system searches for a suitable parking space and manoeuvres the car into it as soon as the driver has stopped, accepted the suggested parking space and engaged reverse gear. An electronic control unit uses the PARKTRONIC system’s ultrasonic sensors to calculate the

    distance to the vehicles in front and behind whilst parking and determines the best line to take. Active Parking Assist uses a total of twelve ultrasonic sensors - six in the front bumper and six in the rear bumper. The E-Class Cabriolet additionally offer functions for automatically manoeuvring the car into perpendicular parking spaces and into and out of parallel parking spaces, each with active steering and

    brake actuation.

    Parking package with 360° camera system

    Comprises the 360° camera and Active Parking Assist, including PARKTRONIC. A short-range camera system uses four individually selectable cameras (one at the front, one in each of the exterior mirrors and one in the boot lid) to show the car and its surroundings from a bird’s-eye perspective. An area of around 3 metres in front of and behind the car is visible, as are the side areas and obstacles below the window line. Guide lines are superimposed on the display when reverse gear is selected.

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