Safety and Assistance Systems

Safety - at the root of all we do.

The reassuring feeling of driving a Mercedes-Benz

We are the first automobile manufacturer worldwide to have developed an integral safety concept, aimed at avoiding accidents, ensuring ideal responses to dangers and lessening the consequences of accidents. For the occupants of a Mercedes and for all other road users, too.

Phase 1: safe driving

Mercedes-Benz pursues a comprehensive safety philosophy: the integral safety concept. At its core lies the vision of accident-free driving. Numerous measures support the driver in critical situations and can help to prevent an accident.

MULTIBEAM LED light system,

Phase 2: in critical situations

The extremely robust passenger cell is at the heart of the CLS safety philosophy. Complex interaction between the body, seat belts, airbag system and sensors helps to protect the driver, passengers and pedestrians.

PRE-SAFE® system

Phase 3: in an accident

NECK-PRO head restraints
8 Airbags

Phase 4: after an accident

Depending on the type and severity of an accident, a number of measures can be implemented to prevent further damage being caused and, if required, assist with the task of rescuing occupants: the engine can be turned off automatically and the fuel supply cut off. To prevent follow-on accidents and make it easier to locate the accident vehicle, the hazard warning lamps and interior lights can be activated automatically, and the side windows partially lowered if necessary.

Precautions have also been taken to assist the work of the emergency services. The doors can be unlocked automatically after an accident, for example. Crash joints between wing and door help rescue work by allowing the doors to be opened more easily, if required, after a frontal collision.

    Assistance systems. Offering valuable support

    Park like a pro with the 360° camera

    Assistance systems are designed to make life easier. In this respect, the reversing camera and Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC enhance the feeling of comfort and safety in the CLS.

    Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC
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