B-Class "Night Edition"

Families might not be able to plan everything, but they can count on anything happening.The B-Class meets the demands that daily life has in store for you.

7G DCT Dual Clutch Transmission
ECO start/stop

The 7G-DCT Dual Clutch Transmission provides faster bursts of speed on tap and consisting of two sub-transmissions, each with their own clutch, with three shift programmes.

Mercedes-Benz is quicker at getting environmentally friendly future technologies to where they matter most: On the road.

Multimedia system NTG 5*1 Audio 20 CD
Panoramic Sunroof

The B-Class offers the Audio 20 CD with pre-installation for navigation, radio and CD player also enables networking with mobile devices via Bluetooth®.

With its large glazed areas, this roof system ensures a particularly bright and welcoming ambience in the interior of the B-Class making especially the rear more spacious.

LED High Performance headlamps

LED high Performance headlamps provide more safety at night due to wide ligh distribution

Technical data