Flexible and Structured Financing option for Mercedes-Benz Certified cars

An innovative financing solution that brings the joy of driving a Mercedes-Benz easier than ever before. We offer a suite of people-centered, tailor-made and affordable finance program for pre-owned cars as well.

What you get under Structured Financing package is a deal where you can make regular repayments over an agreed period. These payments can be structured to suit your needs. The different options from Mercedes-Benz Financial include:

• Balloon Finance: Lower monthly installments with a final payment that transfers ownership to the customer at the end of contract period.

• Bullet Finance: Lower monthly installments with fixed payment options annually for the contract period.

Benefits of Structured Financing for Pre-owned cars:

• Predictable repayments over an agreed period

• Flexible down payment and repayment period

• Tenure offered: 12 to 60 months depending on the age of the car

• Competitive interest rates.

• Quick and hassle free processing

*Terms and conditions apply